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Royal Institute is the institute which gives coaching for above Ten Courses.


The mission of ROYAL Institute is to impart quality education which will help in the all round development of the students. Our effort is to develop values like discipline, hardwork, team spirits, social responsibility, scientific tempers and critical thinking in our students. We want our students to be influential leaders and innovators in various spheres of life.


The vision of ROYAL Institute is to be a leading global technological Institution that provides a transformative education to create leaders and innovators and generates new knowledge for society eradicating darkness of ignorance. Our aim is to create a new generation with our enormous facilities that can compete in all respect globally.

Secrets of Our Success

We always follow our Success Mantra.

  • Fundamental Clearing

    At first when a student gets admission in Royal, the Royal Team starts to test the fundamental standard of that Student. Then the Team tries to grow the fundamental standard of that student by arranging foundation Course classes .

  • Classroom Notes and Teaching

    Our Royal classroom notes are really good mark fetching for the board exam. Students can easily understand the notes and remember the lessons. Our Royal teachers create friendly environment for the students, So Students remain attentive in the class and clear their doubts without any fear.

  • Doubt Clearing Classes

    We have special teachers for the doubt clearing classes for every subject. They clear the doubts of every students by taking extra classes Regularly.

  • Home Assignment

    We give Home Work for 1 week and Collects the homework and gives the percentage of completion in our Mobile App. So parents can check the status.

  • Class Work

    In classroom our Team gives Students short questions in CW . Then they assign marks as the students' performance.

  • Class Practice Test

    Our team gives long questions to do practice from before test and do an exam of those Long Questions.

  • Weekly Assessment Test

    Which are already taught in previous week, our team arranges an exam by collecting questions from the previous week classes.

  • Chapter Wise Test

    After completion of every chapter, our team does a chapter wise test for the students and a doubt clearing class are immediately done after the test. Parents get the marks by our mobile app.

  • Course Completion & Very Similar Test

    We complete the course in perfect time means before the 4 months of the Board Exam. So in those 4 months we have plan for very similar test. In these test series we arrange above 60 tests by alternative days and the questions are of board exam patterns.

  • Mobile App

    In our mobile App there are so many features for the students and their parents. Such as Parents become able to know about the attendance of the student as well as late coming also. Parents get Exam Marks easily by our push notifications and also they know about home work status of their children and Many More..

  • Regular Parents Contact

    We contact parents and also respond the calls of the parents. We arrange parents meeting quarterly and discuss about the development of the students.

  • A Dedicational Team

    We appoint sufficient staffs more than we need. Our Team members are well trained and dedicated.

  • Motivation

    We arrange motivational classes for the students to develop their talent, skill and performance. We also teach them moral activities and behaviour.

  • Get

Our Team

It is the passion dedication and hard work of our Factilition Teams.


Biranchi N Kar

Administration Officer

Rajib K Patra

Frontline Manager

Sibu P Mohanty

Asst. Manager

Motiranee Behera

Academic Counselor

Subhalaxmi Sahoo

Receptionist Head

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